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UGC Approved Journal No. 64047

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The “Journal of Accounting & Finance” is a professional Journal of ‘Research Development Association’ devoted to the analysis and portrayal of ‘Accounting & Finance perspectives. It’s a bi-annual research journal published in March and September every year. It is a refereed international peer-reviewed journal with the review process being double blind. The policy of the journal is to publish papers, articles, reviews etc which provides an objective analysis based on scientific concepts, empirical research and factual data in general and with regard to various operational facets of ‘Accounting & Finance’ in particular.


It aims at promoting objective analysis based on scientific concepts including statistical analysis and fosters discussion on issues that significantly contribute to the ongoing globalization process and verifies the significance of understanding the concepts in accounting and finance from an international context.


The Journal, with its mission to promote thinking on various aspects of accounting and finance, is targeted at academicians, research scholars, practitioners and professionals associated with the field of accounting and finance to promote pragmatic research by disseminating the results of research in all the areas of accounting and finance. The journal thus intends to improve communication between and within the academic and other research communities and those members of financial institutions both private and public, national and international which are responsible for operational and policy decisions.


The Journal indexed and listed in the following databases and secondary services (Abstracting and Indexing Services)

1. Indian Citation Index(ICI)

2.International Institute of Organized Research(I2OR) :  Impact Factor - 5.885*

3. Global Impact Factor : Impact Factor - 0.865*

4. Cosmos Foundation :  Impact Factor - 4.234* 

5. General Impact Factor :  Impact Factor - 2.5897*

6. Research Bible

7.International Society for  Research Activity(ISRAJIF)

8. International Accreditation and Research Council(IARC[JCRR])

9. Cite Factor

10. Academic Keys

11.Scientific World Index(SCIWIN)

12.International Innovative Journal Impact Factor(IIJIF)

13. Scientific Journal Impact Factor(SJIF) 

14. World Cat

15. Connect Journals

16. Journal Factor