Subscription Amount Revised

From January 1, 2016, the subscription rates of all the Journals / Periodicals published by RDA & RDRF has been revised. Now from 2016, the rates of all the journals will be as below:-


Institutional Rs. 2000/-
Individual Rs. 2000/-


Institutional Rs. 20000/-
Individual Rs. 18000/-

S.No. Name of the Journal ISSN NO. Published
1. Journal of Accounting & Finance 0970-9029 March/September
2. Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management 0972-902X June/December
3. Journal of Management Outlook 2231-1769 June/December
4. Indian Journal of Research 2231-6655 June/December
5. Indian Journal of Management 2271-3304 March/September
6. Journal of Research in Management 22320-8619 June/December

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Sugan C. Jain